Private and Semi private LESSONS, Taught by Nancy Zamboni.

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Currently I am offering Drawing LESSONS and Classes virtually through ZOOM.  If you have not used Zoom before, it is simple and easy to get started. You can download the free app to use on a smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Other subjects that I teach, such as Painting and Printmaking could also be available, if there is interest. You can reach me through the Contact form.

In the future I will be available again for LESSONS at your Home, or other good art- friendly locations in the area.

A LESSON format is recommended for the Start-up sequences for Drawing or Painting, unless there is a group who are starting at the same time and can come regularly. A sequence of lessons covering the main drawing topics is also good for portfolio preparation.

Individual LESSONS are also good if you need flexible scheduling, or detailed consultation about particular questions.


The rate (about 35- per hour) may vary depending on factors such as how much of the time is instruction vs. work time, the number of students, and kind of class. Arrangements may be made on an individual basis.

Lessons  – Pricing Examples:

$35- for a one and a half hour LESSON which includes some work time.

2-3 people sharing a private LESSON: $25- each. (Additional discounts available for family groups).

Consultations: $30- for a 45 minute consultation.

Travel: Add $5-10 for travel to a different location

CLASSES: The class format will also be available again in the future, contact me if you would be interested.

TO SCHEDULE  for a LESSON or Class

You can contact me through the form on the contact page, (or at the reply address if you are already on the studio email list.)  Let me know if you have any questions – Looking forward to hearing from you!


Having a class or lesson with a family member or friends can be a great way to learn and also do something together. Having a joint or small group lesson or class with a parent, siblings, or friends is also a good option for children and teens. This is also a good way to have sequential instruction in a topic of your choice (such as a 6 week drawing or painting introduction).