Individual instruction is available in relief printmaking, using simple materials that you can work with at home. Currently, (2020 – 2021) the instruction would be virtually, through ZOOM (or Face-time, if preferred).  More options, such as instruction at your Home or Studio, will be available again in the future.

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Discover the Variety of Printmaking

Caption-Sample Ez-Cut print by artist Keiko Ishida, 2006

Sample, Ez-Cut print by artist Keiko Ishida, 2006


Printmaking is a versatile fine-art process. In this class, suitable for beginners to advanced students, I will be teaching the block printing methods (aka relief printmaking) which I have taught for many years at Mercer County Community College. New students are introduced to the techniques using the ez-cut blocks (which allow for quicker completion of projects, to get an overview of the process).

Continuing work may be done be in Linoleum cut, Woodcut, or other materials you are familiar with.  I have experience teaching registration: methods of layering blocks and plates, for multi color prints. One of the advantages of printmaking is that you can make many prints from the same block or blocks, experimenting with and comparing a variety of color choices. The resulting prints are hand-made artworks, which may be shown in fine art exhibits.  The process of printmaking may add to one’s understanding of value and color, and complements work in other disciplines such as painting. Artists also benefit from working together and seeing each other’s work, and the processes going in to making them.

I am including Images here of Ez-Cut Prints done in my classes at Mercer County Community College, by artists Keiko Ishida and Jaime An-Wong, including a Photo of Jaime with the large woodcuts she did in a later class with me.


Easy-cut Print by Jaime An-Wong, Fall 2014


Jaime An-Wong with 3 of her Woodcut Prints,  at MCCC, Spring 2015